Barahir (s."fiery lord") was the son of Bregor, Chieftain of the House of Beor and Lord of the First Adan House, and last ruler of Dorthonion . His heroism saved the Elf-king Finrod during the Dagor Bragollach and, in return, Barahir received the ring that became known as the Ring of Barahir. The husband of Emeldir and father of Beren, he lived apart from his family during the guerilla war he waged against Morgoth in his last years. His twelve-man company raided behind the Black Enemy's lines from their base at Aeluin. Barahir's force gradually dwindled and finally dissolved when the rogue leader died as a result of the treachery of Gorlim, one of Barahir's own outlaws.

Other Names

  • Egnor
  • Rog the Fleet



  • lordly , noble appearance
  • red-brown hair
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