Dúrin's Bane


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Known as Dúrin's Bane, this mighty creature was perhaps the last of his kind. Certainly no Balrog had been seen in Arda since the Great Battle that ended the First Age, and only the Elves and the Wise (including the Istari) knew of them beyond the oldest tales and dimmest rumors. The Dwarves of Moria, seeking mithril in the mid-Third Age (TA 1980), had dug deep, perhaps more deeply than had any mortal creature before, and uncovered this menace from its self-induced coma in hiding in the roots of Caradhras. Aroused and rested, the Balrog once again felt its power and pride; perhaps, too, it felt the Power of its Lord's lieutenant, Sauron of Mordor, reaching into the world. It killed two of the Dwarf-kings and gathered to itself a mighty army of Orcs and Trolls from the surrounding area by the force of its will alone. With these troops it drove the surviving Dwarves from Moria and established itself as Master.

Durin's Bane was encountered by the Fellowship of the Ring in T.A. 3019 when they passed through Moria. As the Fellowship fled across the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, Gandalf stopped to hold off the demon. The wizard's magic was enough to destroy the bridge and topple the Balrog into the chasm below, but the demon's fiery whip ensnared Gandalf, bringing the wizard with him. After chasing the Balrog through miles of tunnels to Durin's Tower, Gandalf smote Durin's Bane and ended its foul existence. The wizard also died from his wounds, but was soon revived as Gandalf the White.


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