Balglîn (Q."Valwintil") dwelt in the Ardhlarem of Ost-in-Edhil during the Second Age. There he studied the heavens, the disposition of the stars, the movements of the air, the habits of storm and snow. He was even-tempered, quick-witted, and joyous until the arrival of Annatar. After the Lord of Gifts entered the city, Balglin grew melancholy. His sense of humor departed, and he became a recluse, cloistered in his domed house and feverishly scanning the night skies, but telling nothing of what he saw. Concerned for the astrologer's welfare, Galadriel visited him one summer evening, hoping to win through Balglin's impenetrable gloom. Her effort met with little success. The astrologer paid his Queen no heed, muttering gibberish to himself as though he were alone. As the moon set, he gestured toward his telescope, crying: "The Noldor are trapped; Artano has entangled us in the Remmirath!" With this mysterious phrase, he collapsed. Galadriel summoned Thalos, a renowned healer, who removed Balglin to the House of Healing. The Queen then looked through the astrologer's telescope. There shone the Remmirath, the Net of Jewels, known to some Mannish peoples as the Seven Sisters. In their midst sailed Earendil, the Evening Star, most beloved of the Eldar. Balglin recovered his physical health, but never spoke again. Although Galadriel feared that Annatar was responsible (at times, some Noldor named him Artano, "the High Smith"), she had no proof, and the matter was never resolved.


Original form in MERP:Valglin

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