A winged cold-drake, born sometime during the First Age. His mother was Fúlhilmo.A Bear-hunter, Bairanax or Berohunto lived in the caves at Ovir Hollow in the southern Grey Mountains. He was a brownish-red Drake measuring about 55' in length. His fondness for Bear- meat was tied to his hatred for Bears, for as a young Dragon escaping the doom of Angband, he had almost been killed by a North Bear. In turn, the Northman Bear-cults considered Bairanax to be an ancient and very personal enemy. More than one of the Beiabarnae and Beornings had perished while trying to slay him. Bairanax hunted in the cool river valleys of the North, where he stalked Bears intenting on eating berries and fishing.As a result of his depredations, he had earned the equally intense hatred of the Beiabarnae, who had been constantly trying to avenge themselves upon him. There was no tradition of Bernafahand's death; he was still alive in T.A. 2589.


Protogermanic "Berohunto" replaced a form "Bernafahand" of unknown origin.


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