This mighty badger was referred to in the Adventures of Tom Bombadil and in the Fellowship of the Ring, where Tom Bombadil talked about badgers living in the Old Forest

Badger Brock was a powerful badger, so powerful that he once dared to ambush Tom Bombadil and brought him into his home. There, Badger Brock declared that he wanted to eat him. Tom Bombadil then showed forth his true power and Badger Brock (with his wife and many kids), decided to let him go--realizing that they were no match for Bombadil. Badger Brock was also present at the wedding of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry.

Given the story of Tom Bombadil and his reference to the Badger Folk in the Fellowship of the Ring, it is safe to assume that Badger Brock was one of the best, if not the best of his race. He was ancient, witnessing the union of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, and was powerful, given that he ambushed Tom Bombadil and dragged him to his den (taking place inside the Old Forest). 


  • It has been assumed that Brock was in truth an Earth-Spirit, an Ainu that had taken the Fána of a great Badger and that his descendants , the Badger-Folk were indeed Maiarindi. Another possible scenario is that he was a Maiarinde himself and descended from some Maia power--or perhaps he was like Tom and Goldberry, and as such a natural Spirit of Arda.

Gamemaster Information

  • Badger Brock's powers and abilities are not conclusive as stats for him on MERPS have not been seen, however, he would have to be at least a 50th LvL with most likely access to Animist, Ranger, or RMC 2 Beastmaster spells.
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