Badger-Bolack is a made up character for MERPs by independent Gamemasters. He is considered to be one of the sons of Badger Brock, and he went to the south and gradually changed in appearance over time. It was said he became one of the mightiest of his race, taking up weapons and items to protect his people. He eventually found others that appeared more like him and thus continued and expanded the Badger Folk by mating with a female badger to the south--bearing many children like his father before him, he also developed a keen taste for honey and grew to be a fearless fighter!


Badger-Bolack can be used by anyone. He is considered a 37th LvL. Fighter, Animist, and Ranger. He can often don metal armor and wield weapons. He is unique for his race and is fond of anyone who is Maiarindi or allied to good. He is a very smart badger and is willing to help out Dwarves. It is the Dwarves who forged his items and it was due to this friendship that allowed Badger-Bolack to rise in might and become one of the most powerful Badger Folk members in existence!

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