Brock's Family

Badger-Bella is a made up name for Badger-Brock's wife. This character was not created by MERP--but this character serves as another powerful character in the lands of Eriador. Badger-Bella may have contained a Maia spirit, like Badger-Brock, we really don't know--but if so then all the children would have great longevity. Unfortunately, after many generations--if the Badger Folk didn't try to mate with each other's magical members, then they would have most likely ended up like the Beornings and died off like a natural badger of the world. It is proposed that the Badger Folk could mate with other badgers but the process would slowly cost the Badger Folk their longevity or supposed immortality. Some cases of this may have been done to preserve the race and some badgers were probably given the choice of keeping their Maiarindi immortal bodies or dying like a normal badger. 


In MERP, Badger-Bella was created by independent Gamemasters. She is considered a 40th LvL. Animist and knows the list in its entirety due to the training with her husband, Tom, and Goldberry. Brock's others sons were made up by independent Gamemasters as well. One of Badger-Brock's mighty sons was known as Badger-Bolack who went to the south!

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