Located on the northeastern coast of the Bay of Ormal, Bûlkhyades (D.S."Place of Battle") was a low, arid region known for it's colorful, Khyan fishing culture. It's sparse population resided in three distinctly different areas. Most people lived in the lower Denûly river valley. Some made their homes in the coastal fishing villages, while others lived in fortified hamlets in the western foothills of the Ered Harmal. The latter made their living as herders or miners.

Although it produced fine fish, olives, and wine, Bûlkhyades was best known for it's plentiful reserves of metal. Mining, metallurgy, and metal-crafting accounted for most of the region's trade. Alcam, brass, evyth, silver, and gold flew from the neighboring mountains.

Khyan-speaking peoples, the Bûlkhya and Moghûly were related to all of their neighbors. They enjoyed a stable, peaceful lifestyle, despite the fact that their relative wealth occasionally invited unwelcome Akha raiders from the warlike domain of Akhâna.

A trio of silver spoons constituted the symbol of Bûlkhyades. The Bûlkhy banner was red rectangle emblazoned with the three spoons, which were arranged in a vertical row.

Settlements and Places of Note

Yôrash Kandalar Kantilya Ruins of Anaôshak Samârth


Bûlkhyaden Marches Denûly River Valley Western Foothills


Original form in MERP: Bulchyades = Bûlkhyades


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon
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