The Bûlkhya were a Tribe native to Bûlkhyades north of the Bay of Ormal.While usually seen as eastern Haradrim their language was actually of Talath origin and most closely related to KheyanTazinain and Tedyin rather than Apysaic or Harûze.

In contrast to their relatives in the northwestern Hill-country or the northern and western fertile river valleys the Bûlkhya were more diverse.While along the coasts there were large towns and people made their living as Fishermen, able mariners and Traders, the Mountainmen in the north were better known for their building and smithing and sucessfully mined the Ered Harmal for ores.

As heirs of the former gondorian puppet-kingdom of Arthanor they were not under rule of Sauron until the years between the 24th and 30th century of the third age after which only a poor and mostly deserted land remained.

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