Easterling Warband Leader

Bôrthan-Hûz (Ul."Hûz the terrible") known as the Third Hûz was he preferred to call himself, was one of the mightiest lords of the Rhûn Easterlings in T.A. 2950.He was a traditional ally of Ôvatha IX of Khand.


Original form in MEPBM: Huz III = the third Huz


The MOD Middle-Earth:total war names the Loke-Kân who ruled about 2964 "Borthand", a Name derived from the Easterling Lord of the first Age.However it may be possible that Hûz III and Borthand were the same person, Hûz was also a clan-name and rather a title of the clan's headman than a birth-name so Borthand may have been another name or title he was known as , either in Gondor or another country where similrities to the first-Age Chief could be drawn.Since the historical Bothand was an acknowledged elf-friend, it may well be that Hûz III was an elf-friend too or an ally or at last relatively neutral towards Gondor.

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