Bórians in northern Eriador

The Bórians, also known as the people or folk of Bór or House of Bór, were a people of Easterlings or Swarthy Men that had come Beleriand in the First Age. They were close relatives to the Ulbandim but contrary to their kinsmen they did not betray the Elves but proved trustworthy and were therefore known as the "Faithful Easterlings". They were neverthless wiped out or expelled, but some of the men north of Eriador seemed to be their descendants or close kinsmen, for this reason the Forodwaith, Lossoth, Angmarians, and Hillmen were sometimes considered descendants or kinsmen of the Bórians.Some of the northern Haradrim or Harûze also claimed to descend from Bórs folk and used this mythical ancestry in their ever changing history of shifting allegiances with Gondor and Umbar.

In contrast to the goat, sheep and cattle breeding Uldorians the Bóruans were largely farmers and planters, though still mostly primitive hoe-farming.


Bórians of renown

Ban Blodren Bór Borlach Borlad Borlas Borthand


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