Azog son of Bolg


Orcish (Northern Orcish; Nalt-Gûjâb); Black Speech
Time period
Third Age about 2940

Azog the Lesser (Or."Violent") was a son of Bolg the Strong. The second in his line by that name, he was a Captain of Dol Guldur, much like his brother, Bolg the Younger. Despite his infamous Boldog bloodline, due to the tremendous general loss at the Battle of Five Armies, his direct influence over all the Orcs of the North was reduced to Mount Gundabad alone and so he was a relatively unknown Ashdurbúk and achieved few tremendous deeds. He was, however, the father of Mazog, who later briefly ruled in Moria during the War of the Ring. Under pressure from Sauron, he commanded a army of Deep-Orcs from Moria against the Woodland realm, but he was easily slain in single combat by King Thranduil.


There are contradicting accounts on the lineage of Mazog. Some accounts call him a son of Azog while others denote his as spawn of Azog's spawn. This contradiction has been solved on this Wiki by the introduction of this second Azog, Azog II, son of Azog and father of Mazog.

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