The Awdu Awg (So. "Order of the Dragons") were a secretive group of mysterious and powerful sorcerers whose members were drawn from all the lands of the Wômawas Drûs. Recruiting and training converts into the Soelâsi religion and culture was the group's primary motive, yet under Kodîs influence they assumed the secondary directive of seeking out and informing on those scattered individuals and groups who opposed the occupying Wômaw rule. With its wide and encompassing area of influence and sizable membership, the Awdu Awg was already a powerfully prominent force in the region.Although it was still suffering from the effects of the Fall of Morgoth, since much of their collective power had been rooted in his worship. With the support one of the strongest and most cohesive militarist Cultures in eastern Middle-earth, the lords of the Awdu Awg saw clearly the opportunity to increase their influence and domination against realms not yet under their sway.


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