awakened Tree of Mirkwood

Awakened trees came in many forms. Most were simply Trees that came to life in the Elder Days, when the Elves started to talk and teach language to many forms of life, even Kelvar and Olvar, others where plants awakened from their sleep by Forest Fays or other Earth-Spirits or Spirits of Arda, some were simply vile plants twisted by Morgoth and his minions. The trees of Mirkwood were prime examples of this hideous handiwork. Like predatory animals, they would kill their fellow Olvar, using secretions from their roots or strangling tendrils. Many of these trees also could secrete a misty air that put travellers to sleep (treat as a 3rd level sleep spell). The Huorns of Fangorn Forest probably originally had been Ents who had become treeish.

Awakened Trees of Renown

Black Alder Blackbole Gnarlfir Old Man Willow Ruddyoak Whisperbark

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