Avatan Wanderer

The Avatani (Av."Refusing Men"; "Avatan") were an enigmatic people of the first Age.They were likely descendants of the first men who awoke in Hildorien and became pupils of the Avari Elves.After the Battle of Palisor they fled eastwards and began to settle the vast lands east of the Orocarni subjugating or driving out the Sûrk Kaelân and wild Woodmen of the Far east who had lived there before. Four of their tribes, the Wôm, Wômakh, Krawân-Góak and Narîg formed the people later known as the Wômaw.Other related tribes were the Rûlurk and Aegaw.In the Westlands the Avatani and their descendants were called "the Black Easterlings".

Genealogy of the Avatan People


Original form in MERP:Avaradan = Avatani

The Avaradan-peoples of the ICE-Canon were modeled after american Indian rather than eastern Asian Cultures, as well the Wômarin languages (including Lôchan,Argawin and Vulman) were loosely based on eastern Amerind vocabulary.A possible real-world parallel could be the Itelmen of the Kamchatka Peninsula, who are believed to be closely related to the alaskan Tlingit Indians.

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