The Aurochs (S."Myrmynd"; "Black Bulls") was a domesticated breed of the wild cattle or kine that roamed Rhovanion. They varied in color, but most had medium length, dark brown fur on their bodies, and shorter, whiter fur on their legs and foreheads. Males had larger, curving, conical horns. Like all kine, aurochses migrated with the seasons and tended to wander wide areas whenever breeding.

Among the beasts that roamed the lands, few inspired such respect from hunters as the aurochses. Related to domesticated cattle, these creatures were known by their massive size and long, curving horns. Once the aurochses roamed in massive herds all across Middle-earth, but in later days were reduced to a handful of areas on either side of the Misty Mountains.

Aurochses were placid by nature and wished to be left alone, but would attack when approached. An aurochs gave warning before attacking by twisting its neck back and forth, digging a groove in the dirt with each horn in turn.

Rumors from northward suggested that aurochses had become the quarry of hulking creatures who wore the aurochs' long horns as part of their hunting garb. Little more could be said of these strange hunters.


Within the MERP Canon Aurochs is sometimes given a pseudo-Sindarinized plural form "Aurych".


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