Witch of Cardolan

The Woman known as the Witch of Cardolan had once been Tathollgwynn, the wife of the Cardolandron Lord Gardeleg of Tyrn Gorthad.In secret a servant of the Witch-king of Angmar she lured her husband into the secrets of Dark Magic and influenced him to eventually betray his master, the Prince Osthir of Cardolan.When her husband was trapped within his magic circle by men of Cardolan and Dwarves of Durin's Folk she was banned into the far North.Later she eventually returned, having used her dark powers to enhance her life (eventually using a Lesser Ring which slowly turned her into a living Ghoul or Ringwight), she took the guise of a woman of Rohan called Athelwyn and went to the court of Saruman the White, becoming one of his trusted servants and Apprentices, though in truth she was just loyal to her own interest.


  • Interplay's the Lord of the Rings - Game I
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