Númenórean Stargazer

From the time of the awakening of the Elves in Cuivienen the Eruhini had been fascinated with the Sky and it's objects, Sun, Moon, Stars and comets.From this fascination arose the calendars of Elves, Dwarves and Men and the practice of old Wise men watching the stars, seeking for possible signs of the future or the intervention and work of Illuvatar and the Valar, especially Elbereth.Astrology (Q."Menelissë" ) however also became important in many of the superficial believes and pracitices of the Cults and Religions of the Wild Men and Men of Darkness and there were many impostors, frauds and mountebanks posing as Stargazers, star-mongers, Seers and Prophets.


Astrology and Astronomy in Roleplaying

Astrologer is a playable profession in Rolemaster.

Examples for Astrologers and Astronomers in Middle-Earth

Astrologers and Astronomers of renown

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