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Asdriag tribal shield

The Asdriags were a collection of nine Ioriag tribes that dwelt for much of the Second Age among the arid foothills of the Pustrava and the Asdriagien Lîtto. In T.A. 1100 the tribes were forced to flee the region they called home because of mounting aggression from their stronger neighbors in Nurad and Khand.

The Asdriags in T.A. 1640-1650

In T.A.1640 these scattered bands inhabited areas of central Gathod and eastern Dor Rhûnen. The Gondorian military Cáno at Thorondir blamed much of the recent instability of Dor Rhunen's frontier on the Asdriags and had led repeated excursions into the plains to drive these tribes back into the east. The westernmost tribes were the most desperate of their kind, sheltering where possible in the foothills of the Dwergabergos and the Ash Mountains, living on what could be hunted or scavenged in the wild. In Gathod, the Asdriags had anjoyed a bit more success. Some tribes had laid claim to lands on the fringes of the Odhriag and Brygath ranges. Other than the occasional territorial squabble, these Asdriags dwelt for now in relative peace. They had settled into a stable migration cycle across their territory, which while poor by the standards of their neighbors, was a place of abundance in comparison to the Pustrava. In the end, however, the Asdriags were an Ioriag people and were sometimes wont to revert to the martial ways of their ancestors. Odhriags, Donath, and Ebnathiuda alike cast a wary eye toward Asdriag lands. While their lack of numbers had never allowed them to dominate their neighbors, their fierce warriors were more than capable of wreaking significant mayhem in Gathod should the need arise. The easternmost Asdriag tribes dwelt in ranges near the city of Mistrand, and had become entwined in the politics of that city. Nemol had recognized in the traditional tribal priestesses (the "Hûriga") of the Asdriags a rare talent for witchcraft. As a result, Asdriag priestesses enjoyed some degree of respect within the city. Some of the more prominent priestesses had even worked their way up through the ranks of Kerkassk's religious organization and now sat on the osvoda's personal council in the city. There was now even the rumor of a union between the current osvoda and Taran Karkuva, the chief priestess on the council. This coupled with the increasing reputation of Asdriag warriors within the Kharg Huka promised to raise the Asdriags to a new level of prominence in southeastern Rhun.

The Asdriags later

The Asdriags were subjugated by the Pultai and became part of the Balchoth.


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