The lord of the sands, the aryx was not as bulky as the kingshorn but had longer legs and cleaner lines. A magnificently handsome animal, it boasted striking silver and white diamonds on its face, black, swept-back horns and a black crest along its spine to its tail. The aryx was said to almost never drink, drawing water from the twist-grass and thistle it grazed on in the open desert. The aryx bull stroke itself into the memory by posing on hill-tops and dune-crests at sunset while watching over its herd of five to ten females. The first urdwan to cross the deserts of Harad were said to have followed an aryx that had beckoned them every evening in the twilight as they camped. The wise suggested that the beast, if not just a legend, was possessed by the spirit of the Vala Yavanna.


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