Born Blue Death (Av."Ugnin'uru"), the half-Avar Arxdûkanga (Wm.: "Master-Smith") was a mythical craftsman said to have fallen under the Bane of the Dark Lord.

In the early Second Age, Arxdûkanga lived at Âlk Irgâk in the Orocarni where, he became a high priest of a Dark Cult in the Orocarni and was the key to the power of the Unholy Sars (Morgoth's Blood Pools). After he had turned to evil,he was said to have forged the Six Irgâk-Swords, which were able to summon the "Harvest of Fools".

He also forged a sword of his own name, Ugnin'uru - a blue Laen blade - with a will on it's own, destined to kill it's own maker. Arxdûkanga met his fate when his own son Ingi'inda traveled to Angsars-morthrog to face the priests of Darkness and slew his own father.


Original forms:

  • Luingurth = Ugnin'uru
  • Ringlin = Ingi'inda


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