Arwen Undómiel
Arwen Undómiel
Vital statistics
Other name(s) Amareth, Ellonel, Elrenniel, Emrahil, Finduilas, hel-Elrond
Title(s) Evenstar, Lady of Rivendell, Queen of Elves and Men, Queen of Gondor, Undómiel
Gender Female
Race Half-elves (Noldor/Sindar, Edain)[1]
Faction(s) Elves of Rivendell, Men[2]
Dates active b. T.A. 241 - d. 4A 121
Location(s) Imladris; Lothlórien; Minas Tirith; Annúminas
Language(s) Quenya; Sindarin; Westron

Arwen (S. "Noble-maiden"), often called Undómiel (Q. "Evenstar"), was the beautiful Elda daughter of Elrond and Celebrían. Born in T.A. 241, she lived with her family in Rivendell (S. Imladris) throughout her early life, until after the War of the Ring. When she married Aragorn Elessar in T.A. 3019 (after a 39-year engagement), she was over twenty-seven hundred years old. Arwen moved to Minas Tirith in Gondor following her wedding, and she lived there as Queen until her husband's death in F.A. 120. She then retreated to Lothlórien, where she spent her last months. Upon her passing in the winter of F.A. 121, she was buried on the Cerin Amroth, where she and Aragorn had pledged their love some 162 years before.
Like her father Elrond and her uncle Elros Tar-Minyatur, Arwen was given the choice of life accorded to all Half-elves (S. Peredhil): she could live and die as a mortal human, or she could select the course of the immortal Firstborn. After marrying Aragorn, she chose his fate, and thus became mortal. Arwen gave Aragorn a number of children, including one son, Eldarion Telcontar, and together they enjoyed many golden years before sharing the "gift of death." Arwen was known for her glowingly dark beauty, which was reminiscent of her ancestor Lúthien Tinúviel. Because of her exquisite countenance and sublime nature (and the waning of the Elves' presence in Middle-earth), she was known as the Evening Star of her people.


  • Amareth
  • Ellonel
  • Elrenniel
  • Emrahil
  • Finduilas
  • hel-Elrond


  • tall
  • dark hair
  • grey eyes


  • Arwen's amulet
  • Arwen's token
  • Caul of Imladris
  • The Elessar
  • the Evenstar
  • Gwemegil
  • Livery of Elendil
  • Queen's Crown of Gondor - silver elven tiara circlet
  • Grey raiment with girdle of silver leaves; silver and blue mantle
  • cap of silver lace netted with small gems, glittering white



  1. Although classified as "Half-elven", Arwen's genealogy was quite complex, and included all three tribes of the Edain, all three branches of the Eldar, and even Maiar
  2. As with all persons classified as "Half-elven", Arwen was given a choice of which race to be counted among (Elves or Men); by wedding Aragorn, she ultimately chose mortality.
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