Arvedui the Lastking

As foretold at his birth by the Seer Malbeth, Arvedui (S."Last King") was the last King of Arthedain; thus his name.He was the fifteenth monarch to sit on the Arthadan throne in Fornost. His reign began in T.A. 1964 and lasted but ten years.

Arvedui's short reign, and his Kingdom, came to an abrupt end. The Angmarrim overran Arthedain, forcing Arvedui to flee north- westward. The fleeing King and his retainers bore two Palantíri on their flight. Arvedui spent the rest of the Winter of T.A. 1974-75 in hiding among the Lossoth of Forochel. Cirdan learned of his plight and, with Spring, sent a ship northward to rescue the exiled monarch and his retainers. Unfortunately, the mission went awry; for after the vessel was loaded, it foundered in the Ice Bay and all aboard perished. Aranarth the Ranger, Arvedui's heir, inherited the Last- king's lost realm.

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