The Army of the Southern Dragon was Sauron's main force in Haradwaith, led by his Nazgûl Khôrahil.

The Army operated from the mountain fortress of Ny-Cénnacatt and controlled the lands of the south. It was led by the Alqa or "Warlord", Khôrahil's highest officer whose subordinates were four Tarabytt or "Generals", each commanding one-fourth of the Army, named after one of the four winds and controlling one quarter of Haradwaith. The lesser Captains or commanders of the army were known as the Tarazain.

The Army of the Southern Dragon later came to be known as the "Army of the Black Serpent" or Serpent Horde due to its symbol - a black serpent or wereworm of a red field, representing Sauron in his ancient form of the Khäz-gramaze (Originally the Symbol of House Mek, clan of Mardat the first Serpent-Lord).

Known members of the Army of the Southern Dragon

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