Arminas (S."High Tower") was a Noldo warrior who followed Angrod before the latter's death in the Battle of Sudden Flame (the Fourth Battle against Morgoth). He later dwelt with the Sinda shipwright Cirdan in the Havens of Sirion in Falas. From there, Arminas (accompanied by Gelmir) carried a vital warning from the Vala Ulmo to the Noldor at Nargothrond. This dispatch was unfortunately unheeded by Turin, leading to the disaster at the Battle of Tumhalad. As suggested by his name, Arminas was a stalwart fighter whose tremendous strength enabled him to hold his ground against most foes. His loyalty, dependability, and determination made him a fine herald and a superb messenger. He was also a great rider who, while not particularly brilliant, possessed an excellent memory.

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