Arlan's Slipper (S. Arlandal, "high-?-foot"; Q. Ninquetal, "White-foot") was a small flower native to woodlands or along mountain slopes throughout northern and northwestern Endor, though very rare and extremely hard to find. It was no more than 5" in height and appeared delicate and fragile. In contrast to the stalk (which was of a darker shade), its leaves were small and light green. The small flower appeared later in the summer and was shaped like a slipper, and after it opened it was white with light blue lines along its borders. The plant however was hardier than it appeared, though easily crushed underfoot. Its flower exuded a pleasant fragrance. Its single, large taproot, extending up to 1' into the ground, was a thick structure, resembling a man's thumb in diameter. It had to be dug out of the ground. Attempts to pull it out broke it.

When extracted and dried, the root was a handy remedy for colds and stuffed heads. The dried root had to be be boiled and the vapor inhaled. It also sped recovery from respiratory diseases and enhanced resistance to the common cold. A dried root kept for years.

Elves did occasionally use this flower as a subject for still-life paintings for untold generations.

"White Slipper" (S. Arlan) was the domesticated species of the plant, and slightly more effective.


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