Argon was the fourth child of Fingolfin,First High King of the Noldor in Beleriand.His mother was Anairë, and his brothers were Fingon and Turgon. He had an older sister, Aredhel.His Quenya name was Arakáno (Q. "High Commander"), named so partially for his impetuous character. Argon set foot on Middle-earth with his father and brothers, but he was killed during the Battle of the Lammoth.Argon distinguished himself during the fighting by hewing a path through his foes and slaying the captain of the Orcs.


  • -tallest of his brothers, about 8 ft 11.1
  • -light brown hair


  • Aracáno
  • Aracondo
  • Arakáno
  • Argond


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