A large isle located in southeastern Endor, Arg-Sîmorîg (D.S."Island of Sweet Ember") was a blessed domain renowned for it's swift streams, clear lakes and well-protected harbors. It was among the prettiest sites in all of Endor. Situated in the shadow of the Orosúli, it rose out of a triangular gulf called the Yawning Bay. Two hilly peninsulas, Faelân (to the north) and Ka'ish (to the south), surrounded the seaward sides of the bay, as if a pair of arms reached eastward from the mountains in order to capture the island and it's surrounding waters.

The Argaw ruled Arg-Sîmoríg. They were descendants of the Wômaw settlers who had seized the island from it's indigenous Fale inhabitants. These Argawin speaking people remained close to their ancestral kinsmen, and maintained strong trade ties with the Aegaw and Lôchans, who also descended from the Wômaw. A very civilized and urbanized society, most Argaw resided in the four cities of northern Arg-Sîmoríg: Zyras (at the northern tip), Sîmor (on the east coast), and Tôr and Nhâg (north of the large, central lake called the Stoybûr). The only remaining Fale settlements were sprinkled in hills west of the Akâk Wetlands, in the southwestern quarter of the isle.

Steep mountains rose along the western coast of Arg-Sîmoríg. Here, the landscape precluded road building and most travel was seaborne. Although the area accommodated numerous fishing villages, it was devoid of larger settlements.

Southern Arg-Sîmoríg was dominated by a vast marsh, the Akâk Wetlands. Fed by the river Akâk and subterranean runoff from the Stoybûr, it was a sea of swampy grasslands. Few people lived in this rich but inhospitable area.

Aside from the Akâk, the Aróak was the only navigable river on the island. It served as the Stoybûr's only negotiable outlet to the Yawning Bay. Fifty miles long, it connected Sîmor, the area's largest city, to Nhâg, the capital. Boats from Sîmor, which was situated at the mouth of the Aróak could easily make their way upstream to the Stoybûr. Nhâg was only a fifteen mile journey across the deep lake. The symbol of Arg-Sîmoríg was a diving, black marsh-hawk. This stylized bird adorned the flag of the Argaw, a triangular white banner with a blue frame.


Akâk Akâk Wetlands Aróak Stoybûr

Places of Note

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