Aredhel (S."High-Elf") was sister to Turgon. The Noldo daughter of Fingolfin, she was the Elf-king's youngest child and only daughter. Hers was an unsettled life. She lived in the hidden city of Gondolin during her youth, but loved to ride and hunt in the wild. Adventure stirred her soul. Her restless spirit prompted her journey afield, where she met and fell in love with the smith Eol. Beautiful and possessed of a haunting charm, Aredhel captured Eol's fiery heart, and they married. Their union produced the traitorous Maeglin, the jealous heir of Turgon. Unfortunately, it also resulted in Aredhel's early death. Eol proved to be crazed and, as Maeglin grew, Aredhel became closer to her son. When she fled from Eol and tried to establish her son's claim to the throne of Gondolin, Eol followed her. Quarreling before Turgon's royal seat, the incensed Eol fired a poisoned dart at Maeglin, but Aredhel interposed herself in the missile's path. She died from the wound, and fell before her kin in the halls of her youth.


Aredhel was tall (6'5"), strong, had dark hair, and possessed a fair, transluscent complexion. She wore only silver or white, earning the name Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady.


  • arrays of silver and white
  • hunter's garb
  • bow, spear and hunting-knife


  • Aerel
  • Ar-Feiniel
  • Feiniel
  • Íreth
  • Írith
  • Írissë
  • Isifinde
  • Isfin
  • Iswinde
  • Rodwen
  • Snow-locks
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