A beautiful Elda woman, and former follower of

Varda, Ardana left Aman with her Noldo kindred, ostensibly to recover the Silmarils. But Ardana wished only to go to Middle-earth and rule a land of her own under the stars. She did not mourn the passing of the Two Trees, for they obscured Varda's lights. It was not long before the Black Enemy's servants discovered her and twisted her mind to a dark path. When the Sun and Moon arose— clearly machinations of the Valar to blot out the stars— her allegiance to Melkor was complete. Morgoth sent her to discover a way to bring down the Lights when he himself failed. South she travelled, where she met Mórësaur. With him a plan was forged, along with a dark alliance to rival any in Middle-earth in later ages.

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