The Surrounding Lands of Archet

"Arecoid" in 1650 TA

Archet in TA 3018

Archet (from old bre."Arecoid") was the northernmost village of Bree-land. It lay in a clearing within the fringes of the Chetwood, the large forest north and east of Bree. Like Combe, it became an Angmarean hold during the Great Northern War and was not rechartered until T.A. 1420, after the last rogue goblins were cleaned out of the woodlands and the adjacent Midgewater Marshes. Archet was comprised of about thirty-five stone houses located among gendy rolling hills cultivated with crops. A pleasant hamlet, it produced an unusual cheese due to a species of wildflower that grew only in the Archet's immediate environs. The Arinyalasse (Q. "Morning-petal") was craved by the villagers' goats. Archet was three miles from Bree and about a mile from the Greenway. Like the rest of Bree-land, the region was quite fertile.

  • Type: Village 
  • Inhabitants: 80% Bree-men, 20% Hobbits
  • Population: 100 
  • Origin: Settled in TA 1420 by residents of Bree-land.
  • Purpose: Agriculture; an economic focal point for farmers who lived a moderate distance from Bree.

Places of Note

  • Archet East Gate
  • Archet Gate
  • Archet Jailyard
  • the Chetwood-Inn
  • General store
  • Healer Thistlewood's House
  • Mailboxes
  • Milestone
  • the Stumbling Dwarf Inn


Families: Oakwoods Thistlewoods Thistlewools


  • Aldred Cartwright
  • Amdir
  • Aran Greyfeather
  • Atli Spider-bane
  • Builder Borin
  • Builder Earur
  • Cal Sprigley
  • Captain Brackenbrook
  • Celandine Brandybuck
  • Constable Thistlewool
  • Cuthbert Rook
  • Darren Mills
  • Dawn Stockard
  • Edgar Standish
  • Fastred Burrows
  • Godwig the Lazy
  • Harry Greencorn
  • Hodor Thornberry
  • Holly Greyfeather
  • Holly Sprigley
  • Jailor Ned Pruner
  • Jasper Greensmith
  • Jon Brackenbrook
  • Kate Henseed
  • Letty Foxtail
  • Mark Oakwood (Hunter)
  • Mildred Catchfly
  • Mundo Sackville-Baggins
  • Otto the Brigand
  • Peg Pruner
  • Roscoe Standish
  • Sergeant Redroot
  • Teal Saddler
  • Healer Thistlewood
  • Tim Thistlewool
  • Tolman Gardner
  • Tom Oakleaf


  • MERP: Arnor
  • MERP: Bree and the Barrow-downs
  • LOTRO: Bree-land; Archet
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