A Gondorian Master-Marksman and his Pupil

In Middle-Earth an Archer was a skilled Bowman.Most archers were Warriors or hunters but in some cultures archery was also a beloved sport among Farmers and Herders who subsequently were be drawn to military service in times of need.

The Noldor, Sindar and Nandor were famous archers as were the Númenóreans who fought with the infamous Steel Bow.Other skilled archers could be found among the Hobbits but also among the orcs, especially the orcish trackers.

Archers in Roleplaying

The Archer is a playable profession in Rolemaster and an elite-Order in LOTRRPG.However most common Archers are either Fighters, Scouts, Hunters, Rangers or other professions,similar MERP does not have an explicit Archer profession.

Archers of renown

Archers in the Military of Middle-Earth

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