The father of Voronwë and a friend of Tuor, Aranwë (Q."He who is like a king") was a devoted servant of the Vala Ulmo. He was a skilled Magician, who was well-studied in the Laws of Water and originally had been among Turgon's folk in Vinyamar, where he met his future wife Alagiel, a niece of Cirdan the Shipwright.When Turgon the Wise removed his folk to Gondolin, Aranwe followed his lord and became an elder in the cities royal council.Aranwe survived the fall of Gondolin and saved his small grandson Ilverin with whom he joined the other exiles at the Havens of Sirion.However while most of his family returned to the Westlands and later resided on Tol Eressëa, Aranwe stayed with his wife's family in Lindon.


Aranwe is often guessed a member of the royal house of the Noldor, possibly a descendant of one of Finwes daughters, Irime or Findis.Another possibility would be that Aranwe was of the same generation as Finwe, Ingwe, Olwe, Elwe, Nowe and Lenwe - due to their similar names, possibly all second or third Generation Elves.

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