Ar-Adûnakhôr (Ad.: "Lord of the West") was the 20th king of Númenor and the first to take his royal name (Q."Tar-Herunúmen") in Adûnaic. He opposed the Valar, and thus took his official name in the númenórean tongue instead of using the traditional Quenya form "Tar-Herunúmen". The name he choose was considered by some as blasphemous — in both languages it means "Lord of the West", a title reserved for Manwë, Lord of the Valar. Married to Pharâzindil, he was the father of Er-Zôrzimril, Er-Ûrîphêr, and Ar-Zimrathôn. He persecuted the Faithful and punished the public use of Elvish.


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