The Anustari (Q."fellows, brethren" f. "Qindelis";S."Gomodronath") were confraternities devoted to the service of Eru and the Valar.These were quasi-religious orders among the Eldar and Númenóreans, although not strictly Clerical organisations.Many anustari chose to live secluded from the greater settlements in convents (Q."Qindesta") and small monasteries (Q."Anusta") while others lived among their kinsfolk and performed tasks of responsability for their local communities, while still others chose a life of wandership often travelling between the far and widely separated elvish sanctuaries and so connecting their peoples.Similar to the more worldly and secular Gwaith they were also known as Ndili, Hildi and Ndúri (S.: "Friends", Children and "Servants"), especially if devoted to the tradition of a specific Vala or Valië, for example the Aulendili, Ulmonduri or Yavannildi.


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