Mîrëcal was a gondorian monastery in the barony of Mirach in the southern vales of the central Ered Nimrais.It was one of the oldest gondorian religious refuges, built in the second Age by faithful númenórean Anustari fleeing from persecution by the Kingsmen.


The Monastery of Mîrëcal the Brave was a lew, broad square edifice. Four short towers with conical roofs formed the comers, connected on three sides by a wall and covered cloister, and on the fourth by the dormitory and other rooms used by the Anustari. One of the towers was square and slightly larger than the others, housing six men-at-arms who kept a watch on the surrounding vale. They were often busy dealing with small raiding groups (bandits, wild tribes) or wild animals which might endanger the monastics and their servants working the fields. Within the wails were lawns and some flower beds (devoted to growing medicinal herbs) and, in the centre, a shrine where the brethren went for their religious devotions. The walls of the shrine were painted with splendid frescoes within, it was austere and had a great aura of spirituality.


Original names: Mirkal


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