White, many petaled blossoms clustered among the shiny, dark green leaves of this decorative creeper. A sweet fragrance drifted from them, inviting enjoyment. It grews preferentially on dead trees or crumbling ruins. The deceptive beauty of the flowers of the Ansilús encouraged travelers to admire more closely, leading them to inhale the damaging pollen, which were poisonous. Fate punished those who too closely admire the Ansilus and inhaled more deeply from the flower cup, as the pollen was a strong Respiratory Poison. Inhalation would cause affected victims face’s to transform to an expression of inhuman rage, as they then became totally lost to a world of animalistic lusts, performing almost every kind of violent depravity imaginable. The length of time the poisoning would hold sway over the victim was variable but 1-12 hours were possible duration for intoxication.

Amnesia claimed the memories of the victims after their lunatic bout. These nasty blooms were usually avoided by any who were aware of their nature. Certain cities had even been known to hire exterminators during summers were the flowers were particularly profuse in nearby woods or meadows.

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