Distantly related to the Caranantar, the Annuisarnath (S. "Weststones" Q."Númesari") were large, hard-skinned, freshwater Eels. Their name was derived from their grey, horny, scales, which lent an Annuisarn tremendous protection and enabled them to burrow in riverbeds, camouflaging themselves as rocks. Since the mid-Second Age, when they came from their original home in Númenor and were carelessly introduced into the rivers and lakes of southern Endor, they had become the dominant hunter in the watershed of the Yellow Mountains.

Aside from great strength and huge teeth, Annuisarnath were noted for having deadly barbs along their spine. These barbs were connected with poison glands, and anyone stepping on or handling one of these formidable Eels was indanger of being injected with a bluish nerve poison named for the Annuisarn. Herbalists had been known to refine this liquid, creating a lethal poison that was feared all over southern Middle-earth. Fortunately, the liquid had an exceedingly limited life of its own and was extremely hard to handle without exposing oneself to its effects.


Original form: Sarnumeni = Numesari = Annuisarnath


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