Annon Baran

Annon Baran (S. "Brown Gate", Os. "Andin Barn" later known as "Amberburh" and "Amberburg") was a minor port and small fishing village located on the east side of the mouth of the Baranduin.

  • Type: Fishing Village
  • Inhabitants: 60% Eriadorian, 40% Cardolandrim.
  • Population: 300 
  • Origin: Settled around TA 1200 
  • Purpose: Economic hub for western Cardolan; provides fish for region.

The closest thing to a town in Girithlin, this fishing and amber-gathering village was on the east bank of the lower Baranduin.In the Second Age, the Elvish community (abandoned before the mid-Third Age) on the western bank, downstream, was the elder and larger river-port, transfering Sirannar goods to sea-going craft and taking in some Númenorean and Edhellondic trade.Later it was a small Mannish port near the Baranduin estuary, approximately 35 miles upstream, under the rule of the Cardolandren fief of Girithlin. Across the river was Elvish country, though mortals infiltrated and settled the area as Lindon waned.The shallow, shoal-filled waters of the river estuary were dangerous and some times impassable for large ships. This had prevented the town from becoming a major port. There had been an Eriadoran village here since the early Second Age. The King of Cardolan had rebuilt it after a catastrophic flood in T.A. 1200 and gave it a Royal Charter that the Hiri of Girithlin did not completely ignore. The village grew into a town in the 13th century.By the mid-Third Age the population was mostly Rivermen. They practiced fishing, small scale whaling, trade and farming along the river. After the Girithlyn were driven out of Cardolan in the late 17th century of the third Age, Annon Baran became a peculiar and dangerous "open town" where Orcs, Beffraen, Rivermen, Dunadan Rangers, and even Corsairs from as far as distant Umbar all mingled. Despite it's proximity to the Elven land of Harlindon, few of it's inhabitants dared cross the river, fearing the spells of the Eldar.The original Cardolandren charter, guarded by the ghosts of various Thegns and heroes of the town, was still there when King Elessar came to reclaim it in F.A. 6.

In the later Third Age, Annon Baran, renamed "Amberburh" as Elves ceased to visit it, became a peculiar and dangerous "open town" where Orcs, Beffraen, Rivermen, Dunadan Rangers, and even Corsairs from distant Umbar all mingled.Amberburh represented the edge of the world to Hobbits looking southwest from the Shire, and only the most adventuresome of them came here.It was from Amberburh that Isengar and Hildifons Took had sailed off on ships to foreign lands.After King Elessar reclaimed the town in F.A.6, Hobbits and Dwarves established a ferry over the Brandywine at Amberburh and cut roads northward across the silvan country to their holdings in Harlindon, the Westmarch, and the Westfarthing.


about 1640: Coney Cutpelt


Original form: "Buhr Amber" (corrected to "Amberburh")


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