Located south of the eastern branch of the Ered Engrin (S.: "Iron Mountains"), Anklâx (Mo."Land of Spearmen") was a desolate coastal region. Forlorn rock outcroppings and scree-fields covered most of the area, although spongy, heath-covered plains lent life and color to the southern and western reaches. A handful of Urdarin-speaking hunters roamed the coasts and river valleys of Angclax. Few of these Anklâ clansmen ventured into the highlands to the north, where Snow-orcs and other monsters reputedly resided. These Hildo people were distantly related to the Lossoth.


Anklâ-Rush Vales Heath-Plains Northern Highlands Scree-fields

Settlements and Points of Interest

Anklêlux Drûhar-Shathûr Murthûnin


Original form in MERP:Angclax = Anklâx


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon
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