Animals were creatures of Arda. The Eldar named them "kelvar" or "lifeforms that move", in contrast to the "olvar" or "lifeforms that do not move" (such as plants and fungi). The Eldarin lore-masters had categorised the kelvar into a number of orders including ramacelvar (bats and birds), eärcelvar (water beasts), potili (insects and spiders), rávatsar (amphibians and reptiles), lausimatwar (Q."vegetarians"), oromeriannar (riding and draft animals) and lama raustear (Q."predators"), and each order was again divided into various sub-orders; and the later lore-masters, such as the learned Númenóreans and their students, adapted and modified the High-Eldarin "tengwesta" (Q."system"). The unnatural abominations of Morgoth, the Ulundur, usually were not incorporated into this tengwesta (though the lore-masters sometimes had contentious debates as to if a beast was a natural creature or rather an abomination).

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Amphibians and reptiles


Main article: Amphibian


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Rámacelvar (Q."Winged Animals")

Main article: Winged Animals

Bats ("Qildarer")

Birds (Q."Wilini")

Potili (Q."Manyfooted")

Insects (Q."Pir")

Spiders (Q."Lianter")

Leaf-eaters (Q"Lausimatwar")

Bovids (Q."Rasser")

Giraffes (Q. "Andaxi")

Horses ("Olombor")

Moles (Q."Noldarer")

Pigs (Q."Pólcar")

Rodents ("Venyarror")


Meat-eaters (Q. "Maxematwar")

Apes and Monkeys (Q. "Lamni Attalyar")

Badgers (Q. "Oryapini")

Bears (Q."Morcor")

Cat-family (Q."Yauler")

Dog-Family (Q."Harmar")

Marsupials (Q."Pokolamani")

Weasel Family (Q."Lihlicconi")

Riding and draft animals (Q."oromeriannar")

Camels (Q. "Ulumpër")

Horses (Q."Mairor")

Great Beasts or thick-hided Beasts (Q. "Taryahelmar")

Water-beasts (Q."Eärcelvar")

Aquatic Mammals

Clams and Crustaceans (Q."Vehyalmar")


Polyps (Q."Windearancor")

  • Polyps
    • Corals
    • Sea anemone

Snails (Q."Lucuhlici")


(L) = Creatures mentioned in the Legendarium

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