Angurth, known to the Northmen as Dauthria, was a long, black-gold Dragon who was missing a horn as a result of an ancient mating duel. He resided at Long Peak in the Withered Heath area of the Grey Mountains. Known for his extremely strong jaws and the intense heat of his fiery breath, Angurth reputedly relished duels and enjoyed slaying heavily armored foes. Save that of Smaug, he had the most powerful breath weapon of any of the Fire-drakes in the Grey Mountains.


The ICE Canon made Angurth a nephew of Ancalagon, implying that he was a child of a brother or sister of Ancalagon, that had escaped the War of Wrath, but since Tolkien mentions only two dragons to have survived (one male and one female) the two dragons to survive are Agburanar and Utumkodur. So Angurth would most likely be descended from Ancalagon as one of the children of Agburanar and Utumkodur.

Original form in LOTRRPG:Daudi


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