From his boyhood in Umbar, Anglach (Ad."Ankazôr") seemed ill-fit in most social settings. He kept to himself, reading whatever material passed his way. Obsessed with the Kings of Númenor, he believed that he had royal blood in his veins. Thrown out of the Fleet for his insolence, the young Anglach left home and wandered the lands around Umbar, where he encountered Gastmorgath, the chief of Umbar's underground Dark Religion. The Priest gave him the respect the youth felt he deserved, and he became a disciple of Gastmorgath's. Rising quickly through the ranks, Anglach took advantage of his fair complexion and came to Gondor, where he set up his own branch of the Dark Religion in Linhir. There he met Ilmare, who became a loyal follower. An investigation into a suspicious death forced Anglach to flee Linhir. After a brief stay in Minas Anor, he and Ilmare decided to visit Mordor. In the Ungol Pass, the two encountered Shelob, who spared their lives on a whim. There, the idea for the Spider Cult was bom. The two priests descended into Minas Ithil and began hatching their grand scheme. Anglach sent an occasional prisoner, drugged with an exotic herb of Harad, into Shelob's Lair, as a token of good faith to his spider-patron. Anglach's appearance alone has won converts to the Spider Cult. Handsome and muscular, he represented the best physical characteristics of the Black Númenóreans. While he may have possessed good qualities in his youth, prolonged exposure to the evil of the Dark Religion warped his mind into that of an obsessive megalomaniac.


  • MERP:Minas Ithil
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