Anghiril Cut

The Anghiril Cut was a cleft in the Mountains of Angmar.A keyhole-shaped vale that stretched southeast of Litash, cutting deep into the mountains at the point where the Great Spur of the Hithaeglir broke westward out of the main range it was filled with freshwater lakes, and provided a secluded haven in an otherwise inhospitable area. Originally scoured by glaciers during the Elder Days, tw types of karst formations, called stonements and stonefields, constituted two belts that separated the Anghiril Cut from mountain foothills to the north and south.The pass between the Anghiril Cut and the Ettenmoor was guarded by the citadel of Suk Skuthruga, while Anghul brooded over it.


Original form in MERP:Rist Angsiril


  • MERP:Angmar (2nd Edition)
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