Angbor the Fearless was the Lord of Lamedon, the province of Gondor beside the south-central vales of the White Mountains. Married to Ivriniel, Angbor was the father of Drambor and Earwen. He was also the elder brother of Andreth, who resided in Minas Tirith. During the War of the Ring, Angbor had resided in Calembel, but marched south to defend the coastal city of Linhir from attacks by the seaborne Corsairs. Aragorn II and the Grey Company joined Angbor's warriors in the midst of battle, taming the tide against the invaders from Umbar. Then, at Aragon's beckoning, Angbor collected his Men and marched for seven days in order to reinforce the beleaguered army in Minas Tirith. By the time he passed through Pelargir and the rest of Lebennin, he led a force of 4000.



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