Andrâx (Ir."First Claw",Av."Long-Arm" ?) was a mythical Loremaster of the Farthest East and supposedly one of the mightiest Sorcerers ever lived.He may have been one of the Ainur. Andrâx was said to have died and been entombed decades ago, but his spirit and spurious writings ascribed to him were said to live on. Others speculated that Andrâx may have been an identity taken by V'glin or was identical with him from the beginning. One of his writings was the famous Book of Andrâx. Unknown to most at least some exemplars of the Book of Andrâx were in fact a forgery of the male Fëaturo. Andrâx however wrote a chronicle about the life of Ingi'inda Grey-cloaked.



Outer Information

  • The Character Andraax was originally invented by ICE for their Loremaster-Series and appeared in a few MERP Publications, but he was later included into ICE's Shadow World Setting where he became one of the main Characters.The Character may have been a pseudonym of the ICE-Author Terry K. Amthor.In ROLEMASTER Andraax was considered an Elf and one of the Ky'taari or rather one of the K’ta’viir, or Lords of Essence in Elven-form, the true son of Utha.


Original spelling in Loremaster: Andraax


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