The most powerful Cold-Drake, Andanc (S."Long-maw";Q."Ancando"), known to the Northrons as Scalia, was the son of Culgor of Glaurung's first brood, so he was extremely old and, aside from his older brother Scatha.

Originally residing at Mount Udûnanca on the northeastern side of the Withered Heath, Andanc was an aggressive but sleepy creature who, even when stirred, slept 95% of the time. When he was awake, he hunted Losrandír, but his favorite prey were Trolls, for he enjoyed the thrill of a good fight. Stronger than the other old Cold-Drakes, he became a mighty Dragon-lord, who tolerated no other as his equal.

During the War of the Dwarves and Dragons, Andanc was one of the prominent Cold-Drakes, reviled for sacking of the fabled halls of Thrumfall, which was forever lost to the Longbeards from that point on. Most notably, King Dain I and his son Fror were victims of the Dragon's blind rage, while Dwári was consumed with his Ring Urya. Andanc savagery came to an end only when the Dwarves forsook their settlements in the Grey Mountains, at which point he and the rest of the Dragons plundered their treasures to the last coin. He then lied dormant in his lair, waking only to destroy travellers who unwittingly disturbed his rest.

Andanc was believed to have died out by the time Thorin Oakenshield set on his quest to reclaim Erebor, and few Dragons were great enough to be as much of a threat to the Dwarves as him.


Original name in MERP:Ando-Anca = Ancando = Andanc Original name in LOTRRPG = Skell = Scalia

Ando-Anca is a corrupt Quenya form which was corrected into a corresponding Sindarin form as Quenya was a language of Lore and of the first Age and a Sindarin name would have been far more common and widespread in the mid-Third Age.

The ICE Canon made Scatha and his brother Ando-Anca sons of Glaurung, however this seems unlikely as Tolkien stated that only two dragons (seemingly one Cold Drake and one Fire Drake) had survived the war of Wrath and became the ancestors of all later Dragons.Also it remains unclear why the sons of Glaurung, a fire-drake, should both be cold drakes. However "son of the first brood of Glaurung" also could be understood as "Son of a Dragon who was the first Brood of Glaurung", which would make Scatha Galurungs grand-son, rather than son, implying that Scatha and Ando-Anca were sons of a child of Glaurung, that had escaped the War of Wrath, possibly Agburanar or Utumkodur.


LOTRO names the cold-dragon who slew Dain I as Vethúg Wintermind.In contrast to MERP Vethug is a blue-white winged ice-drake instead of a red cold drake.Also instead of a son or grand-child of Glaurung, Vethrug is considered a son of Hrímil Frost-heart, a greater Dragon from the first Age and mother of the Cold-drakes of the withered Heath.


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