The Andaelion was a black, nocturnal lizard with a prehensile tongue and tail. It was without doubt the greatest climber among all the rávatser. Rugged landscapes and subterranean settings accommodated this creature quite well, for the andaelion was insulated with an unusual array of the three layers of hollow scales that enabled it to survive in environments which were far too cool for its brethren. Hanging from rocks, it swung across the caves and precipices, leaping onto prey and tearing its victims appart with its steely claws.

Larger creatures would have little to fear from the andaelion, except for the fact that they lived in large communities and often hunted in groups of 10-100 individuals. Unusually social, a horde of andaelionath could easily fell a Man by attacking in concert.


Original form "Andodailion" corrected to: Andaelion


Retrieved from Realms of Arda; original reference: [ICE MERP 2012]

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