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Anbar Cilgir (T.A. 2940) was the Gondorian Lord who ruled the island of Cair Andros and a descendant of a fellow member of the Faithful during the Second Age. As a Dúnedain of the South, Anbar remembered all the tales of Númenor and had dreams that the heir of Isildur would return to claim the throne of Minas Tirith and unite every kingdom of Middle-Earth. Seeing that these dreams were in fact visions, Anbar saw it as a sign that Isildur's heir would arrive to Gondor and aid his people from the dark forces of Mordor. During his visit in Minas Tirith, Anbar met a proud and noble woman named Princess Meril, daughter of Thengel. The two were wedded at very young age and ruled Cair Andros together and awaiting patiently for the return of Isildur's heir.

During the War of the Ring, Anbar ordered a full evacuation from Cair Andros and bought enough time for his wife and the remaining civilians to flee and seek refuge down south. Shortly before the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Anbar commanded his forces to engage Sauron's armies of Orcs and Easterlings that were laying siege to the island. Realizing there was no chance to defend the fort, Anbar ordered a retreat and still held hope for Gondor to remain strong. Once word was reached that Sauron was defeated, Anbar saw his vision come to pass and attended the coronation where he watched the heir of Isildur becoming the new faithful, ruling King of Gondor.

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