The Anbalûkkhôri were descendants of the black númenóreans who inhabited the southern realm of An-Balkûmagân.


The original ICE Sourcebooks used the forms "Ciryedain" and "Ciryatandor". It is highly unlikely that any Black Númenóreans would have called themselves Ciryedain due to the tendecy of the Kingsmen to avoid the elven tongues, beyides Ciryedain seems to be a corrupt form, a combination of Quenya and Sindarin.The Name Ciryedain perhaps should be taken as an neologism of late gondorian Loremasters who still knew the Quenya name of the former colony from old sources and had applied this name to their removed cousins of the south.Since Tar-Ciryatan´s adûnaic name was Ar-Balkumagân, ciryatandor´s actual adûnaic form might have been thâni anBalkumagân or Balkumagânzâyan and the Ciryedain might have called themselves Balkumagânâim.However Hands of the Healer gives an alternate name of the country as Anbalukkhor, maybe a corrupted Form from ansith, the common speech of Far-Harad?


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